Wing Chun Temple Association is a very well-known in the Martial Arts communities around the world, and we are affiliated with other related well-known organizations, companies, individuals and others who are related and shared our beliefs and core values with similar mission and vision.  Please check out our affiliates as followed:

Hsi Lai Temple

Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple is a traditional Chinese Buddhist mountain monastery, in the U.S. state of California. It is one of the largest of its kind in North America. You may read more for additional info@ Wikipedia.

As you can see how beautiful the temple look before entering the front gate.  This is a breath taking moment.

As you come up before walking up the stairs to the temple’s gate, this overview look from above it’s just another amazing view.

After you pass the temple’s gate, you will see this open space with a magnificent view of relief and a sense of ease of your mind, and a great hope and a vase of greatness before your eyes.

Before and after the entering gate of the temple, you’ll come to the main temple where you’ll a majestic the architecture of the temple with a sense of spiritual enlightenment.  And after all, it is a worthwhile trip to the temple.

The Shaolin Temple

Wing Chun Temple Association supports our Kung Fu brothers’ temple – The Shaolin Temple.  For it is our roots that Wing Chun Kung Fu came from Shaolin Temple over 300 years ago by a num, named Abbess Ng Mui, who later taught her first student, lady Yim Wing Chun that later her teacher Abbess Ng Mui named the Kung Fu was taught to her.  And now Wing Chun Temple would like to give back the honor to our Kung Fu brothers’ temple.  Sifu GM Wong Long wrote an article on The Shaolin Temple and The Wing Chun Temple on this page called, “The Good Tree that Gave a Good Fruit.” -by Sifu GM Wong Long Ching

On behalf of our Sifu GM Wong Long Ching and the Wing Chun communities, Wing Chun Temple was invited by The Shaolin Master YanXu to attend the Grand Opening of The Shaolin Temple Cultural Center in Walnut, California.  Sifu GM Wong Long Ching’s disciple, representative and Chief Instructor Sifu Clark Tang of The Wing Chun Temple along with the Wing Chun Temple Association’s Administrative Jennifer Niu, without any hesitation and with greatest love, respect and honor for our Kung Fu brothers’ temple, we were there to support with greatest joy for the spread of the good deeds of the spirit of Kung Fu and reunion of the circle shall be completed between The Shaolin Temple and The Wing Chun Temple.  May the spirit of the goodness of Kung Fu continue to inspire us all…


The Martial Arts History Museum

The Martial Arts History Museum is the ONLY one in the world today as far as we’ve known that dedicated everything and anything about Martial Arts and Martial Artists.  The Martial Arts History Museum was founded by the greatest martial artist himself, Master Michael Matsuda, who is the founder and the president of the museum.  Master Michael Matsuda is not just another greatest martial artist, but he does the Monkey Style Kung Fu, which is one of the rarest around.

The Martial Arts History Museum is a place for everyone; whether you are a martial artist, just love martial arts or a big fan of any martial artist. I can promise you that the place will bring martial arts spirit and martial arts history to life. You will have a great experience by seeing the display of the past and present martial arts related items, artifacts, and information.  Besides bringing martial arts spirit and history comes to life, the museum hosts many events for martial artists around the world come together and share their martial arts experiences, knowledge and having a great time together.  In addition, one or twice each year, the Martial Arts History Museum would host and recognize martial artists around the world for their great dedication to martial arts works by hosting an honorary event to honor these martial artists.  Please check out the Martial Arts History Museum’s website: http://martialartsmuseum.com

Tea Station

Not Just Tea, It's the Cultural of Tea

Tea Station is a giant corporation around the world that serve the best quality of tea, which is known for its famous brand of tea, called Tien Ren.  In addition to their best quality of tea, Tea Station has a cultural of tea; it is not just about drink tea, but also about the culture and the experience of sipping your tea.  Having a good tea with a great companies is just like in heaven from my experience at Tea Station.

Not Just Tea; It’s the Culture of Tea!

Do you know that tea has a mystery culture and power within its culture for many thousand years back in Chinese culture and Kung Fu culture…

In the Chinese culture, if anyone has a quarrel with someone else, one has the opportunity to resolve it by pouring a cup of tea and sincerely apology for wrong doing to the other – That was it!  Plain and simple with honor and dignity because of the tea culture that the Chinese embrace for many many years.

Kung Fu and Tea

Kung Fu and Tea are such a good element of the two.  Every time, I drink tea, my Kung Fu practice is always good due to its mystical power and culture.

Wing Chun Temple will be endorsing Tea Station as our partner to encourage people to drink more tea for healthy body, mind and soul.  I did an interview with the general manager of Tea Station, Master Jimmy Huang who has great passionate about tea as he explains in his video.

The video shows the relationship between Kung Fu and Tea


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