1st Generation Students

After GM Ip Man escaped from Foshan, China to Hong Kong, he started to open his WingChun Kwoon publicly, which no one has done before his time. GM Ip Man was considered the FIRST to open Wing Chun Kwoon in public.  From the beginning, many students came and gone; however, these names listed below were the 1st generation students.

Sifu GM Wong Long Ching
Wong Shun Leung
Bruce Lee
Leung Ting
Leung Sheung
Lok Yiu
Chu Shong-Tin
Wong Shun Leung
Wong Kiu
Yip Bo-Ching
William Cheung
Hawkins Cheung
Wong Chok
Law Bing
Lee Shing
Ho Kam-Ming
Moy Yat
Duncan Leung
Derek Fung Ping-Bor
Christ Chan Shing
Victor Khan
Stanley Chan
Chow Sze-Chuen
Tam Lai
Lee Che-Kong
Simon Lau
Lo Man Kam
Ju Wan
Ip Chun
Ip Ching


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