Sifu GM Wong Long Ching

Sifu GM Wong Long Ching is the student of Grandmaster Ip Man, who lives in Hong Kong today. He is 76 years of age; however he is still great health and his skills are amazing. He is so gentle and so humble. He is a man with few words. Sifu GM Wong is not only practicing Wing Chun all of his life, but he LIVES the art. If you have a chance to meet him, you will see Wing Chun comes to life through him with words can not be described or expressed.

Bio of Sifu GM Wong Long Ching

His Younger Age Years

Sifu GM Wong Long Ching was born June 17, 1938 on the Chinese Year of The Tiger, so Bruce Lee was younger than him 2 years of age due to Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940, Year of The Dragon.

Sifu GM Wong Long Ching was born and raised in Hong Kong all his life.  He used to go to elementary school with Bruce Lee.  They knew each other during very young years; however, later they grew apart due to life circumstances.  However, one in a while, they would see each other at GM Ip Man’s Wing Chun School, called Ving Tsun Athletic Association due to both studied Wing Chun Gung Fu under GM Ip Man.  However, Sifu GM Wong Long started before Bruce Lee; therefore, Sifu GM Wong Long is a Sihing(Gung Fu older brother) to Bruce Lee.

Before, Sifu GM Wong Long came to study Wing Chun Gung Fu under GM Ip Man, he used to take boxing.  Boxing during his younger years was popular due to British influence.  However, later Sifu GM Wong Long met Sifu Law Bing and he was invited to meet and check out Wing Chun Gung Fu and GM Ip Man.  From that first moment, Sifu GM Wong Long felt in love with Wing Chun Gung Fu.  Since from that time until now, Sifu GM Wong Long ONLY stick with Wing Chun Gung FU.  In SIfu GM Wong Long’s own words, “There’s no other art simpler than Wing Chun Gung Fu.”

Since Sifu GM Wong Long made up his mind and settled on Wing Chun Gung Fu, he studied very hard under GM Ip Man and had gone to countless public figure as his Sifu Ip Man on public lecture and demonstration all over Hong Kong and other countries like Australia, China and ect…

Later, Sifu GM Wong Long decided to settle down and married with his long time sweetheart girlfriend, Ms. Ming Chan.  Together, they have 3 sons and ONLY one is into Martial Arts, and the other two feel they would never be good as their father.  So why bother…

His Middle Age Years

During Sifu GM Wong Long’s middle age was more a family man than any more involvement so much in Wing Chun community.  Most Sifu GM Wong worked and raised his three children with very low profile and he chose to be simple and stay away from Wing Chun politics and fame.  Sifu GM Wong worked as the head of security company, raised his kids with his wife, and taught Wing Chun class as much as he could.  Now he has numerous schools in Hong Kong and students around the world, but Never any Wing Chun Association due to many oppositions.  Until recently, Sifu GM Wong Long decided to start his Wing Chun Association as of Wong Long Wing Chun Association after taking Sifu Clark Tang as his disciple to represent him as the FIRST school in America, and later he accepted The Hsu family: Jennifer, Tony, and two kids: Jason and Richard to be his last disciples to build his Wong Long Wing Chun Association.


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