Martial Arts
The Art of Fighting or Combative between human being

What is Martial Arts?  What is the meaning of Martial Arts?

Martial Arts covers ALL styles, methods, or systems of the art of fighting or combative interaction between human being.  For example, our Earth planet has ALL human races, or ALL countries.  This is the FIRST step to understanding the fundamental of the art of fighting within our human realm.

These questions you might have heard?

Is Wing Chun a martial arts?  Is Jujitso a martial arts?  Is Karate a martial arts?  Or, well, that’s martial arts, it’s not Wing Chun?  You do martial arts before but you didn’t do Wing Chun. …..On, on, on,….ect… We should all not to jump to any conclusion or criticism before spending time to understanding what the world of martial arts is all about.  In anything in life, the more you know, the more you don’t know as the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzi said.

A Beautiful Drawing Picture of Master Bruce Lee by this Amazing Artist, Shows His Famous Side Kick

When It Comes to Martial Arts, No One Explains Better Than Master Bruce Lee

Let’s Master Bruce Lee explains the meaning of martial arts by viewing these videos.

Martial Arts explained by Master Bruce Lee

Master Bruce Lee in Long Beach Tournament in 1964

Master Bruce Lee's Interview in 1971

About Master Bruce Lee

The King of Kung Fu and The Founder of Jeet Kune Do


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