The Master's Programs

WING CHUN TEMPLE Wong Long Wing Chun Association is a global organization, and we always are looking for ways to expand our locations for right people that are truly passionate about the art with enough resources that can turn a life time dream into reality.  We can show you HOW and WHAT to do as long as you know WHEN and WHY you wanted to do in the first place.

Currently we offer two Master’s Programs – Sifu-ship Academy and Master’s Academy

Sifu-ship program academy

Sifu-ship Program Academy

What is Sifu-ship program academy?

Sifu-ship Program Academy was sophisticatedly designed with a well-thought behind its responsibilities and its core meaning of being the representation of the art.  Sifu-ship Program Academy is for someone that wants to take the art as a way of life of passing the beauty as well as the legacy to the next.

How do I qualify for Sifu-ship program academy?

There are two criteria for Sifu-ship program academy entrance

  1. She or he may qualify to enter the Sifu-ship program academy after completing WING CHUN TEMPLE’s Black Sash Wing Chun Academy under Wong Long Wing Chun System.
  2. This someone MUST be recommended by all instructors of our temples and both chief instructors of the East and West before initiating to join the academy.  In addition, this individual has to have a high level of character as well as a deep of understanding of an art with “the heart of an ocean.”

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