Martial Artists vs. Martial Arts Admirers


Martial Artists vs. Martial Arts Admirers 

Last week, I was asked by one of my students to shed a light on this topic. 

What are the differences between individuals that are Martial Artists and martial arts admirers…?

Martial Arts Admirers are those who love and respect martial arts very much including martial artists too. These admirers, not only they participate in martial arts activities, they even take martial arts classes and lessons too.  

Now the real question is, “What happened why are these admirers are NOT really martial artists, themselves?” 

 They love martial arts and they participate and surrounded by martial artists themselves. And the time span for these individuals, as martial arts admirers, can last up to months or to a life time, but they never be any more than just martial arts admirers. 

 How come and why? 

 What is or are their problems…?  

I can point out many problems; however, there’s ONE problem that is the “CORE” of the problem, which is “The lack of Self-Discipline.”  

This is where it separates or the difference of being a martial artist or just martial arts admirer.  

Martial Artists, and most of them would agree with me that no matter what, “Self-Discipline” comes before anything else in our martial arts lives.  

In addition, most Martial Artists just don’t give up; instead, they give into their art, which is no longer themselves any more – It’s all about the art, itself.  

This is where most “Martial Arts” comes into most of their lives aspects – No matter what they do or say, it’s all pertaining to Martial Arts or Martial Arts related.  

Self-Control is another aspect of martial artists’ attribute, where martial arts admirers may never understand that because Self-Control is only appeared after years of training and hard work, and it takes a lot of Wisdom and Self-Preservation.  

Martial Artists vs. Martial Arts Admirers Comparison

Self-Discipline vs. No Self-Discipline

Self-Preservation vs. Give up 

Self-Control vs. Out of control/Self-Destruction

These are only a few topics that show the differences between Martial Artists vs. Martial Arts Admirers, but there are more. 

But these are the keys between success vs. failure. 

These martial arts admirers can becoming martial artists themselves; however, they FIRST need to pass these keys problems first before anything else will start to happened. 

And I always hope for these individuals to take on these challenges because the awards will be far more enjoyable once they passed these stages – They should believe that they are nothing and be humble.  This is where and when real learning starts…  

Written by Sifu Clark Tang, Chief Instructor of WING CHUN TEMPLE-Wong Long Wing Chun Association 

Harmony in the Martial Arts World

How to keep harmony in the world of martial arts by knowing The Universal Law of RESPECT and using T-H-I-N-K method with conceptually KEEPING IT SIMPLE.


How to keep harmony in the world of martial arts by knowing The Universal Law of RESPECT and using T-H-I-N-K method with conceptually KEEPING IT SIMPLE.
RESPECT is everything in The Martial Arts World…

FIRST and foremost, Respect is starting with “YOU,” Not anyone else.

And it’s ALWAYS “YOU.”  YOU have a shot and a Power!  YES!!!

“YOU ARE POWERFUL on this part, please take it with selfishness and pride.”
In the Martial Arts, it’s called, “Martial Arts Etiquette.”  In the old days or they always say, from the “Old School,” before someone can start learning martial arts skills, one has to pass this test first.  If the test is not passed, most likely and highly those individuals will cause or disturb the harmony of a group or other groups, which will create many chaos that will lead to destruction in many ways.
However, it’s almost impossible in our digital age now.  And it’s very rear that you’ll find such martial arts schools that will reinforce the martial arts etiquette or they will be out of business very soon.  This is a very hard topic to cover in a few pages.  It’s more complicated than just using the word, “Respect” alone.
The word, “Respect” can be very subjective depending on individuals how they take it or the way they interpret it.  And what maturity level of the individuals are at.

Nevertheless or regardless how hard or complicated it will be, we MUST try our very best by striving toward that goal of this “Old School’s Ideology.”
One method that my first Wing Chun Sifu taught me was to always stick with “Universal Law.” The Universal Law will always fit to everyone’s ideally of the word respect in most cases.  This method is called, “T-H-I-N-K.”
T – TRUE…?




K – KIND…?
No matter Where you are at on the face of the Earth or What kind of people that you are dealing with, if you use this method, you will be playing it safe.  And most likely, you will be minimizing the problems at hand.  This is the best method of getting back to harmony environment; however, sometimes, I believe “Fighting” can solve many unsolvable issues or problems just like in the old days.  But most people are so afraid including a few with our law enforcers that they need to use a gun.  Seriously…???
I always believe and I hope in the future with most of our congress’ help, they should strive to hire ONLY martial artists or most, in the law enforcement department, just like most Asian Countries. That will minimize lots of lawsuit cases from the public.
Any way, the point that I am trying to tie in the law enforcement case is that most of us, people that do NOT have enough martial arts experiences or do NOT have Martial Arts Etiquette, they will be afraid psychologically; therefore, they pull out a big gun and start shooting instead of bullets, through communication via verbally, written forms, social media or anything alike and worse yet, she or he will start grouping with other people.  These are not just bullets any more, now we’re talking bombs every where – This is what our Respectable United States Secretary of State, General Colin Powell called it, “The Weapon of Mass Destruction.” We are talking World War III now… LOL
In summary, martial arts is ALL about RESPECT and keeping things balance or harmony among individuals or group(s) – This is the Essence of Martial Arts and the goal that we, as a true martial artists, are all striving for.  When I use the word, “true,” and it’s true; there are fake and wanna be martial artists out there.  We can tell and smile right away without you know it.  Trust me on this on.  If we are NOT on this path, you are in it for a wrong reasons.  I would suggest that you take surfing or joining a hiking club or doing whatever the hell you want and STOP polluting the martial arts community, schools, group, or individuals.
However, I always believe if there’s a WILL, there’s ALWAYS a WAY – This is from Wing Chun’s Concepts and Principles, “The ONLY option that I have is to WIN; otherwise, there’s no Wing Chun there, need more practices and more more practices…   As my Sifu always says, “Wing Chun is to win; other you don’t know Wing Chun yet.”

If you’re new to martial arts world that have not gotten an understanding of “Martial Arts Etiquette” yet, you should use ‘T-H-I-N-K” method for the time being until you’ll get there.  And the last but not the least, “ALWAYS KEEP IT SIMPLE.”
Written by Sifu Clark Tang


Wong Long Wing Chun




Sifu Clark TANG

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The True Meaning of Kung Fu from WING CHUN TEMPLE’s Wing Chun Journal by Sifu Clark Tang


Kung Fu vs. Other martial arts 

In general martial arts is categorized under sports, and Kung Fu is categorized under martial arts – An Overview perspective is sort of okay with other martial arts like kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate, jujitsu, Pradal Serey, etc… BUT Kung Fu is more than just another sport – It’s NOT a sport. And I believe it should not listed under that category for many valid reasons without proper understanding the true meaning of Kung Fu. Kung Fu is conceptually about 

The Unity of Man, Heaven and Earth – To really truly practice Kung Fu, one has to be able to bring 3 worlds into ONE. As it’s written in many Kung Fu books, we are the vessel of containing both heaven and earth; therefore, practice Kung Fu takes focus, concentration and a flow of energy through and within your body, mind and spirit. If anyone misses this part, you miss the whole point of Kung Fu. You just do movements without a life of Kung Fu, and it really doesn’t matter how long you have been doing Kung Fu – 10 years, 20 years or a life time and you may never find it. 

You may find this and it’s possible, but you MUST have at least three elements for a start. These are: 

1) Being true to yourself. You must over and over confront with yourself that I am who I am, NOT anyone else. This is where you can be “I” all you want about yourself in private – It’s between you and the Universe. It’s your Universal World. Knock yourself out and have fun with it… LOL 

2) Big heart and pure. Everyone wants love, attention and affection; however not to other people’s costs or accounts. The Universe works in a mysterious ways – The more you want something, the more you are not getting it. This is pure and genuine because you put “I.” I want this and I want that, and on and on. This can be explained by a quantum metaphysics by asking this question: How can “I or you” alone compete with the whole Universe of energy? There is no I and the world is not all about you. You are nothing to the Universe. The Universe doesn’t need you, but you need the Universe to sustain your life. For example, you need oxygen to breathe, you need sunlight to see, you need food to survive, you need energy to move yourself and things around you, and on and on… You may want to ask this question instead, How can I truly give or sacrifice myself to the pool of people or my service without seeking self-gratification or something in return. Just like President Kennedy said, “Do not ask what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country.” This question is all about big heart and pure. 

Once I remember my Sifu said, Kung Fu will become easy when you have a big heart. 

3) See and feel that you are not alone. Look at the energy level and see and feel that we as a human beings are all connected to one another by an unseen energy throughout the whole Universe. Other words you are being charged by others and others are being charged by you. But it has to start with you. For example, in business you must invest with some capital in order to gain profits, or you want to fit and strong; therefore you go to the gym to work out, but first you must put an energy and effort in order to gain energy to stay fit and healthy and happy and so forth, the concept is all the same. 

By understanding these three elements, you are on your way to uniting the three worlds into ONE and YOU have that POWER. 

Just like Nike’s slogan always says, “Just do it!” 


Written by Sifu Clark Tang 



Sifu Clark TANG 唐真

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WING CHUN TEMPLE-Wong Long Wing Chun’s Special Annoucement 


After a lengthy discussion with our Wing Chun Headquarter elders and our Sifu back in Hong Kong about our way of doing business and interact between our students and members in general, and staff across the globe,

***starting June 1, 2015***

we will revise our organization policy on this matter. 

As everyone knows, Wing Chun Kung Fu was started out as a family art and invented by a woman, therefore, Wing Chun’s culture and tradition was very hard to break that culture and tradition. 

Wing Chun Kung Fu family, in general, portrayed as kind, meek, gracious and hospitality. 

This is the way most of us are worldwide if they are a Wing Chun descendants, and within our Wing Chun family, we all know who we are and we really don’t need to prove much, except be kind and happy like our GM Ip Man who lived his simple life. 

However, to outsiders sometimes, they are mistakenly that we are weak and incapable until later later they’ve found out the truth. 

We are the way we are because we choose to – To be kind, meek and hospitality. 

We do not like to pretend to whom that we are not. We choose to be real and simple. This is Wing Chun’s way!

WING CHUN TEMPLE-Wong Long Wing Chun came out to the public to spread and share the goodness of Wing Chun art, philosophy and Chinese Culture, and our Sifu’s Lacy, this is our MISSION and VISION and we will stick to just that.




Chief Instructor 

Sifu Clark TANG 唐真

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How to Live a Life without Boundaries Like Master Bruce Lee Did

I got this picture of Master Lee Siou Long, Ms. Linda Lee, and their son, Bradon Lee from a friend of mine, Master James Valentino Santi and I have to share my thought regarding Master Lee Siou Long, my forever Inspiration…

OMG – Out of all the photos of Master Lee Siou Long, this is the most touching me. To many people out there, Master Lee Siou Long was everything we would be expected as the greatest hero. However, we all failed to know that Master Lee Siou Long was the most genuine human being on this planet because Master Lee Siou Long superseded “the acting of this world or domestication(being fake).” Now when you understand that, life has no limit, except possibilities with Greatest Compassion and Love because you are NOT afraid any more about putting your guards up and trying to prove or defend yourself all the time, even though others didn’t even care. Besides the true form of religion or belief, I strongly know that Martial Arts can help us to get; however, one MUST put the art above her or him, NOT the other way around. The art has been in the Universe since the beginning of TIME; who do we think we are to be better than the art. To the Universe, we are nothing. The Universe doesn’t need us – We need the Universe. Therefore, why did Master Lee Siou Long was so good at what he did or who he was – The Greatest father, the Greatest husband, the brother, the Greatest son, the Greatest friend, the Greatest Martial Artist, the Greatest actor, and above all, the Greatest human being that ever lived BECAUSE HE UNDERSTOOD THE “TAO” OF THE UNIVERSE. To all the people out there, “Discover your own TAO, your way…” Another words, “STOP FIGHTING, START LIVING” by Respect the  TAO of the Universe. 
If Master Lee Siou Long was here, he would finish his words by saying, “Love, Peace and Brotherhood.” Forever in our hearts… -Sifu Clark Tang 

What is the difference between Wing Chun Kung Fu verse the other Kung Fu styles or systems?

First of all, are Kung Fu the same?  Or is there such a style or a system of Kung Fu?

Let’s tackle Kung Fu topic first, Kung Fu is separating from other martial arts by comparing between Soft vs. Hard Martial Arts.  Kung Fu is falling into Soft Martial Arts categories.  

An example of soft vs hard martial arts would be Shaolin Kung Fu vs Tai Kwon Do.  Tai Kwon Do is using a raw power or energy that pratitioners are using behind each of the movements, which most of the time is using hard power by flexing muscles or tighting muscles with shouting a word, “Kia” for extra power.  The adventages of using of hard martial arts verse soft, it looks so powerful from the outside and also it may catch a lot of attention due to the noises that are making from the practitioners.  So hard martial arts styles may attract many young and macho indivduals; however, on the other hand, it is really not as powerful as it seems or as it sounds like actually, and it only causes external damages but you’ll survive.  

In contrary, Kung Fu is on the soft side of martial arts, but soft doesn’t mean it is soft and powerless; actually the soft martial arts styles or systems may kill the opponents if not practice properly by practitioners.  Soft styles of Kung Fu do much more damages than hard styles of martial arts.  

The disadvantages of soft styles or systems are taking a long time to master any style or style; therefore, lot of patience plus virtue involved.  It’s more unlikly people to drop out of studying the soft martial arts than the hard marial arts.  

But soft martial arts will last for a life time if one has enough patience and time to invest in it.  It’s hard and it may seem impraticle, but soft martial arts will go a long way more than you can imagine, especially Wing Chun Kung Fu system, which was created by a woman who is a nun from Southern Shaolin Temple about 300-400 years ago where the Qing Dynasty burned down the temple and killed almost all the monks and nuns.  

Wing Chun Kung Fu was formed using and disecting the Shaolin Kung Fu that transformed into Concepts and Principles instead of techniques and forms.  Wing Chun Kung Fu keeps Shaolin’s best Kung Fu and throw away its neccesity, which it has to follow the Principles and the Concepts of Affective, Effecient, Economical, and Direct with the Simplicity as its goal.

Women should be proud of themselves due to the fact that this is the ONLY martial arts that was created by a woman, and it’s the most power and the best martial arts system out there.  Wing Chun is practiced by many famous martial artists such as Bruce Lee, Ti Lung, Dan Inosanto, Robert Downey, Jr., Christian Bale, and many more…  

Find out more online about Wing Chun Kung Fu; it may save your insanity lifestyle and you will become a better YOU in many possibilities.  Go to Wikkipedia on Wing Chun topic or visit my website or email me if you have any question:  or email me @

You only live once, let’s live it well 🙂

Martial Arts’ Ethics Standard

Martial Arts’ Ethics Standard of General Kwan

Martial Arts philosophy also embraces General Kwan’s philosophy – General Kwan’s central philosophy, beside bravery, righteous, protection, and so forth…; there is most important that we should know: it’s on “ETHICS.”

What does it mean to be ethical?
In our world, we usually operate and make decision on certain issues in life, and when it comes to individual, everyone is subjective. It would be easy if there are black and white on everything. But most of the time, we live in an imperfect world and most of the time, there are gray issues, which makes things very complicated. However, we look for guideline, and there is General Kwan’s philosophy which Gung Fu embraces his philosophy and wisdom – “Being True, Honor, and always do the Right thing no matter what the future may hold.” By keeping these guideline from General Kwan, we will surely in time, gain people’s ” Respect and Trust.” Therefore, as martial artists, we must embrace and honor these codes of ethics, and in time, we will be more powerful and great influence to others. There are no shortcut to this; except, Live and Die by codes of ethics. This is the Warriors’ Way…
-by Sifu Clark Tang

Kung Fu Discipleship

The True Meaning of Kung Fu Discipleship in Chinese Martial Arts

In Cantonese, “Yup Sut Dai Gee or Yup Moon Dai Gee,” directed translated, “In the Back Door Skill Son” is the Chinese Saying of Discipleship.

There’s a different between student vs. disciple – Student is in the process of learning skills and focusing on the art, which later may become a disciple.

However, Disciple is beyond student – which means it’s ALL about representing and defending the honor of his master’s name, master’s school, master’s art, master’s family, and master’s reflection himself, and it’s not to be taken likely because everything about the master is in the reflection of his disciple.  It’s no longer about herself or himself, it’s ALL about the whole as ONE.  Whatever a disciple does has a reflection on the master.  For example, if the disciple shows bad manner or sets a bad example, it will reflect directly to the master and the school, especially in the public eyes, or on the other hand, if the disciple shows honor and displays a good character in the public, not only the disciple praises for but the master will always praises ten folds of that because it’s the echo about everything that master taught the disciple. 

Disciple’s duties: When the Master is out, the disciple is in charge during his absence to look after the school to ensure everything is in place as usual, even though his Master is not there.  Besides, school and daily operation are to be running smooth, the most and foremost important, the Disciple is to be ensure that the Mou Daak(Martial Arts Virtue or Benevolence) is upheld at all times in his Master’s reflection.  Therefore, it’s important for the Master to handpick and select that someone to be his Disciple who has a strong and good character besides skills.  However, more important than just skills, it’s Character – Skills can be learned and attained due in time and practice, BUT Character and Good Moral can NOT be learned or attained – it has to come from the heart.  

Imagine if someone was born with a certain personalities or traits, she or he can change temporary, but toward the end, she or he will come back to her or his own nature, unless she or he has gone through dramatic situation or it must be a miracle to take place.  How often do miracles happen even though anything is possible.

All in all, the Disciple has to be proven herself or himself to be honorable, loyal, peacemaker, unselfish, and think as the whole not just herself or himself without any doubts. The Disciple MUST ALWAYS put her or his Art, her or his Master, and her or his Ancestors ABOVE ALL things, including herself or himself.  It’s her or his sworn duty to honor the Art, the Master, and Ancestors by keeping the Name and the Lineage pure and to the highest honor as possible.  To become a Disciple is that same as adopting a parent that is not something to be taken lightly.  ONE MUST AND WILL swear to take an oath that to be bound to her or his school and Master until death.  It’s a Warrior’s Word that is like an arrow; once it’s released, it can NEVER return back. 

In Western countries, most people seek discipleship for all the wrong reasons. If you want to become your Sifu’s Disciple, consider your own motivations first. It is not what your Art can do for you, but what you can do for your Art. You do not become a disciple to promote yourself. Quite the opposite, to become a disciple is to abandon your own selfish thoughts and dedicate your practice to others. 

 Therefore, Discipleship once accepted as the title, it’s a great honor as well as it comes with the great responsibilities with that title – Discipleship.

-by Sifu Clark Tang

Wong Long Wing Chun Temple


WING CHUN TEMPLE Wong Long Wing Chun Association was interviewed by our famous martial artist, Master Michele Manu AKA The Queen of Lua Warrior.  Master William Lo, Sifu Jennifer Niu, Claudia Lopez and Sifu Clark Tang were interviewed about our Wing Chun Kung Fu family within the Wong Long Wing Chun Association that what makes us unique from other Wing Chun Kung Fu.

As it was stated by Sifu Clark Tang that WING CHUN TEMPLE is NOT just another Wing Chun Kung Fu School nor just another martial arts schools that mostly focus very common self-defense, techniques or forms, WING CHUN TEMPLE is the ALL inclusive Martial Arts School that emphasizes and focuses on your HEALTH, WISDOM and SPIRITUALITY for in hope to achieving LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION, UNITY, and HARMONY, where we can unite the past WISDOM with the present APPLICATIONS in our daily life… 

寺春詠正朗黃真唐Sifu Clark TANG 唐真