My Martial Arts Journey

To me, Martial Arts is about self liberation and self improvement in term of HEALTH, WISDOM, and SPIRITUALITY with endless possibilities.  With that endless possibilities, I believe each and everyone of us, as a human being, has a responsibility and an obligation of helping others and our society to be better than it was before.

Sifu Clark Tang's Martial Arts Famous Quotes

“Martial Arts is NOT a destination, but rather an endless journey…” -Sifu Clark Tang


“Discover your own TAO, your way…”  -Sifu Clark Tang


… By The Inspiration of Master Bruce Lee’s Motto…
“Using no way as a way, Having no limitation as limitation…”  -Master Bruce Lee

Meet The Founder of WING CHUN TEMPLE

Sifu Clark Tang

The Disciple of Sifu GM Wong Long Ching, Founder of Wing Chun Temple and Wong Long Wing Chun System, Vice President,


The Chief Instructor of Wing Chun Temple Association

Meet Sifu Clark Tang's Wing Chun Kung Fu Sifus

My Sifus are everything to me; forever I love and respect all my Sifus.  They mean everything to me; without their inspiration, guidances, and teachings, I am nothing.  I will list my Sifus from Present to Past when I FIRST started Wing Chun Kung Fu back during the year of 1993 in the city of Fountain Valley, California.

Sifu GM Wong Long Ching

GM Ip Man’s Direct Student and the 1st Generation of GM Ip Man’s Tong

Sifu Jerry McKinley

GM Ip Man’s and GM Jim Lau’s Lineages

Sifu Donald Fling

GGM Chan Wah Shun’s Lineage

Meet Sifu Clark Tang's Other Martial Arts Masters Before Wing Chun Kung Fu

Before starting Wing Chun Kung Fu, Sifu Clark Tang had trained and studied other Martial Arts styles and systems as well.

Master Shin Kao

Tai Chi Kung Fu

Sifu Thomas Martin

Lama American Kenpo Karate

Sensei Paul Hock

Kickboxing and American Kenpo Karate under GM Ed Parker’s System


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