WING CHUN TEMPLE maybe young, in term of its history; however, it has so rich of its roots, existence and adaptation.  Just a little over 3 years period, WING CHUN TEMPLE’s progression has rocked and shaken the world of martial arts around the world of its establishment’s Mission and Vision.  Please follow us on facebook.com/WingChunTemple

The history of WING CHUN TEMPLE

WING CHUN TEMPLE was found by Sifu Clark Tang during the year of 2012 when he was blessed and bestowed to carry on the art of Wing Chun by his first Wing Chun Sifu, Grandmaster Don Fling, the only Chanh Wah Shun lineage in the United States.

WING CHUN TEMPLE came to existence by Universal Truth and the Inspiration on the Foundation of HEALTH, WISDOM and SPIRITUALITY for the hope of achieving LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION, UNITY and HARMONY.

Later, Grandmaster Don Fling and Sifu Clark Tang met Grandmaster Wong Long Ching, who is the student of Grandmaster IP MAN and became Wing Chun family with love and respect.

Since the first meeting of Grandmaster Wong Long Ching, Sifu Clark Tang was touched and inspired by Grandmaster Wong Long Ching’s most honorable character and highest skills in the art of Wing Chun.  And also Grandmaster Wong Long Ching was impressed and loved the Mission and the Vision of WING CHUN TEMPLE.

Sifu Clark Tang was enlightened with great Vision and Mission to promote Grandmaster Wong Long Ching’s name and his art due to Sifu Clark Tang finally found the True Wing Chun Grandmaster.  With the permission of his Sifu, Sifu Clark Tang was asked to become Grandmaster Wong Long Ching’s disciple and representative of Grandmaster Wong Long Ching in North America.  Therefore, WING CHUN TEMPLE became Wing Chun Temple Association, and it will be solely dedicating and devoting to Grandmaster Wong for his legacy to be built on by introducing Sifu Grandmaster Wong Long Ching to the world of martial arts.  It is my great honor and privilege for dedicating Wing Chun Temple to Grandmaster Wong Long Ching.  Grandmaster Wong will be Sifu Clark Tang’s eternal Kung Fu father and his name will be forever remembered…



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