WING CHUN TEMPLE is not just another martial arts school, nor just another Wing Chun kwoon; it’s an ALL inclusive Martial Arts School by combing the old way of learning into the modern world that we’re living in.  When one learns at WING CHUN TEMPLE, she or he will be a well-rounded martial artist by receiving martial arts skills and also martial arts academics as well such as learning Buddhism, Confucism, and Taoism with other Eastern and Western philosophy studies.

Due to Sifu Clark’s inspiration and aspiration of Sifu Grandmaster Wong Long Ching’s skills and humble personalities as a true martial artist, who is not only learn and practice Wing Chun but also lives the art, Sifu Clark feels that Wing Chun world and martial arts world owes great debts to Grandmaster Wong Long; for so many years, he was a hidden dragon and never wanted to be in the spotlight.  Until recently, Sifu Clark, Master Leo Wan, Master Keung Yui and other students are joining together by devoting to take an oath for promoting and preserving Grandmaster Wong Long’s legacy by introducing Sifu Grandmaster Wong Long Ching and Wing Chun Temple Association to the world of martial arts.  In Hong Kong, Grandmaster Wong is a chairman, in The United State of America, WING CHUN TEMPLE is the headquarter, which Sifu Clark Tang is the Vice-President and chief Instructor, and in Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan are the headquarters, which leaded by Sifu Tony Hsu, who is the chief Instructor of those regions.  And there are more Wing Chun Temple schools to come in the near future…

WING CHUN TEMPLE was founded by Sifu Clark Tang, but later gifted the school to Sifu GM Wong Long Ching since Sifu GM Wong Long Ching loved WING CHUN TEMPLE’S name, mission and vision.  Therefore, WING CHUN TEMPLE will be solely dedicating and devoting to Sifu GM Wong Long Ching for his legacy to be built on by introducing WONG LONG WING CHUN to the world of martial arts.  It is my great honor and privilege for dedicating WING CHUN TEMPLE to Sifu GM Wong Long Ching.  In return, Sifu GM Wong Long Ching took Sifu Clark Tang as his disciple and Chief Instructor to represent him and his Wong Long Wing Chun in the West.  And later, Sifu GM Wong Long Ching took The Hsu family as his disciples as well due to they would be part of the organization of Wong Long Wing Chun.  Sifu Tony Hsu was assigned to be the Chief Instructor in the East.  Sifu GM Wong Long Ching will be our eternal Kung Fu father and his Wing Chun Temple Association will be forever remembered…

Our Sifu GM Wong Long Ching and Simou

Sifu GM Wong Long Ching, Simou and Sifu Clark Tang

It’s our greatest Respect and Eternal Love for our Sifu GM Wong Long Ching, Simou, and the whole Wong Long Wing Chun Association that we are devoting and dedicating from the deepest of our hearts to honor our Sifu and the art of Wing Chun that was passed down from Abbess Ng Mui to Lady Yim Wing Chun, from Lady Yim Wing Chun all the down to GM Ip Man, from GM Ip Man to our Sifu GM Wong Long Ching, and now to us.  Now it’s our duties and responsibilities to carry out the mission and vision to flourish and spread out the goodness of the art of Wing Chun.


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