WING CHUN TEMPLE-Wong Long Wing Chun’s Special Annoucement 


After a lengthy discussion with our Wing Chun Headquarter elders and our Sifu back in Hong Kong about our way of doing business and interact between our students and members in general, and staff across the globe,

***starting June 1, 2015***

we will revise our organization policy on this matter. 

As everyone knows, Wing Chun Kung Fu was started out as a family art and invented by a woman, therefore, Wing Chun’s culture and tradition was very hard to break that culture and tradition. 

Wing Chun Kung Fu family, in general, portrayed as kind, meek, gracious and hospitality. 

This is the way most of us are worldwide if they are a Wing Chun descendants, and within our Wing Chun family, we all know who we are and we really don’t need to prove much, except be kind and happy like our GM Ip Man who lived his simple life. 

However, to outsiders sometimes, they are mistakenly that we are weak and incapable until later later they’ve found out the truth. 

We are the way we are because we choose to – To be kind, meek and hospitality. 

We do not like to pretend to whom that we are not. We choose to be real and simple. This is Wing Chun’s way!

WING CHUN TEMPLE-Wong Long Wing Chun came out to the public to spread and share the goodness of Wing Chun art, philosophy and Chinese Culture, and our Sifu’s Lacy, this is our MISSION and VISION and we will stick to just that.




Chief Instructor 

Sifu Clark TANG 唐真

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