The True Meaning of Kung Fu from WING CHUN TEMPLE’s Wing Chun Journal by Sifu Clark Tang


Kung Fu vs. Other martial arts 

In general martial arts is categorized under sports, and Kung Fu is categorized under martial arts – An Overview perspective is sort of okay with other martial arts like kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate, jujitsu, Pradal Serey, etc… BUT Kung Fu is more than just another sport – It’s NOT a sport. And I believe it should not listed under that category for many valid reasons without proper understanding the true meaning of Kung Fu. Kung Fu is conceptually about 

The Unity of Man, Heaven and Earth – To really truly practice Kung Fu, one has to be able to bring 3 worlds into ONE. As it’s written in many Kung Fu books, we are the vessel of containing both heaven and earth; therefore, practice Kung Fu takes focus, concentration and a flow of energy through and within your body, mind and spirit. If anyone misses this part, you miss the whole point of Kung Fu. You just do movements without a life of Kung Fu, and it really doesn’t matter how long you have been doing Kung Fu – 10 years, 20 years or a life time and you may never find it. 

You may find this and it’s possible, but you MUST have at least three elements for a start. These are: 

1) Being true to yourself. You must over and over confront with yourself that I am who I am, NOT anyone else. This is where you can be “I” all you want about yourself in private – It’s between you and the Universe. It’s your Universal World. Knock yourself out and have fun with it… LOL 

2) Big heart and pure. Everyone wants love, attention and affection; however not to other people’s costs or accounts. The Universe works in a mysterious ways – The more you want something, the more you are not getting it. This is pure and genuine because you put “I.” I want this and I want that, and on and on. This can be explained by a quantum metaphysics by asking this question: How can “I or you” alone compete with the whole Universe of energy? There is no I and the world is not all about you. You are nothing to the Universe. The Universe doesn’t need you, but you need the Universe to sustain your life. For example, you need oxygen to breathe, you need sunlight to see, you need food to survive, you need energy to move yourself and things around you, and on and on… You may want to ask this question instead, How can I truly give or sacrifice myself to the pool of people or my service without seeking self-gratification or something in return. Just like President Kennedy said, “Do not ask what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country.” This question is all about big heart and pure. 

Once I remember my Sifu said, Kung Fu will become easy when you have a big heart. 

3) See and feel that you are not alone. Look at the energy level and see and feel that we as a human beings are all connected to one another by an unseen energy throughout the whole Universe. Other words you are being charged by others and others are being charged by you. But it has to start with you. For example, in business you must invest with some capital in order to gain profits, or you want to fit and strong; therefore you go to the gym to work out, but first you must put an energy and effort in order to gain energy to stay fit and healthy and happy and so forth, the concept is all the same. 

By understanding these three elements, you are on your way to uniting the three worlds into ONE and YOU have that POWER. 

Just like Nike’s slogan always says, “Just do it!” 


Written by Sifu Clark Tang 



Sifu Clark TANG 唐真

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