Martial Artists vs. Martial Arts Admirers


Martial Artists vs. Martial Arts Admirers 

Last week, I was asked by one of my students to shed a light on this topic. 

What are the differences between individuals that are Martial Artists and martial arts admirers…?

Martial Arts Admirers are those who love and respect martial arts very much including martial artists too. These admirers, not only they participate in martial arts activities, they even take martial arts classes and lessons too.  

Now the real question is, “What happened why are these admirers are NOT really martial artists, themselves?” 

 They love martial arts and they participate and surrounded by martial artists themselves. And the time span for these individuals, as martial arts admirers, can last up to months or to a life time, but they never be any more than just martial arts admirers. 

 How come and why? 

 What is or are their problems…?  

I can point out many problems; however, there’s ONE problem that is the “CORE” of the problem, which is “The lack of Self-Discipline.”  

This is where it separates or the difference of being a martial artist or just martial arts admirer.  

Martial Artists, and most of them would agree with me that no matter what, “Self-Discipline” comes before anything else in our martial arts lives.  

In addition, most Martial Artists just don’t give up; instead, they give into their art, which is no longer themselves any more – It’s all about the art, itself.  

This is where most “Martial Arts” comes into most of their lives aspects – No matter what they do or say, it’s all pertaining to Martial Arts or Martial Arts related.  

Self-Control is another aspect of martial artists’ attribute, where martial arts admirers may never understand that because Self-Control is only appeared after years of training and hard work, and it takes a lot of Wisdom and Self-Preservation.  

Martial Artists vs. Martial Arts Admirers Comparison

Self-Discipline vs. No Self-Discipline

Self-Preservation vs. Give up 

Self-Control vs. Out of control/Self-Destruction

These are only a few topics that show the differences between Martial Artists vs. Martial Arts Admirers, but there are more. 

But these are the keys between success vs. failure. 

These martial arts admirers can becoming martial artists themselves; however, they FIRST need to pass these keys problems first before anything else will start to happened. 

And I always hope for these individuals to take on these challenges because the awards will be far more enjoyable once they passed these stages – They should believe that they are nothing and be humble.  This is where and when real learning starts…  

Written by Sifu Clark Tang, Chief Instructor of WING CHUN TEMPLE-Wong Long Wing Chun Association 

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