How to Live a Life without Boundaries Like Master Bruce Lee Did

I got this picture of Master Lee Siou Long, Ms. Linda Lee, and their son, Bradon Lee from a friend of mine, Master James Valentino Santi and I have to share my thought regarding Master Lee Siou Long, my forever Inspiration…

OMG – Out of all the photos of Master Lee Siou Long, this is the most touching me. To many people out there, Master Lee Siou Long was everything we would be expected as the greatest hero. However, we all failed to know that Master Lee Siou Long was the most genuine human being on this planet because Master Lee Siou Long superseded “the acting of this world or domestication(being fake).” Now when you understand that, life has no limit, except possibilities with Greatest Compassion and Love because you are NOT afraid any more about putting your guards up and trying to prove or defend yourself all the time, even though others didn’t even care. Besides the true form of religion or belief, I strongly know that Martial Arts can help us to get; however, one MUST put the art above her or him, NOT the other way around. The art has been in the Universe since the beginning of TIME; who do we think we are to be better than the art. To the Universe, we are nothing. The Universe doesn’t need us – We need the Universe. Therefore, why did Master Lee Siou Long was so good at what he did or who he was – The Greatest father, the Greatest husband, the brother, the Greatest son, the Greatest friend, the Greatest Martial Artist, the Greatest actor, and above all, the Greatest human being that ever lived BECAUSE HE UNDERSTOOD THE “TAO” OF THE UNIVERSE. To all the people out there, “Discover your own TAO, your way…” Another words, “STOP FIGHTING, START LIVING” by Respect the  TAO of the Universe. 
If Master Lee Siou Long was here, he would finish his words by saying, “Love, Peace and Brotherhood.” Forever in our hearts… -Sifu Clark Tang 

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