Harmony in the Martial Arts World

How to keep harmony in the world of martial arts by knowing The Universal Law of RESPECT and using T-H-I-N-K method with conceptually KEEPING IT SIMPLE.


How to keep harmony in the world of martial arts by knowing The Universal Law of RESPECT and using T-H-I-N-K method with conceptually KEEPING IT SIMPLE.
RESPECT is everything in The Martial Arts World…

FIRST and foremost, Respect is starting with “YOU,” Not anyone else.

And it’s ALWAYS “YOU.”  YOU have a shot and a Power!  YES!!!

“YOU ARE POWERFUL on this part, please take it with selfishness and pride.”
In the Martial Arts, it’s called, “Martial Arts Etiquette.”  In the old days or they always say, from the “Old School,” before someone can start learning martial arts skills, one has to pass this test first.  If the test is not passed, most likely and highly those individuals will cause or disturb the harmony of a group or other groups, which will create many chaos that will lead to destruction in many ways.
However, it’s almost impossible in our digital age now.  And it’s very rear that you’ll find such martial arts schools that will reinforce the martial arts etiquette or they will be out of business very soon.  This is a very hard topic to cover in a few pages.  It’s more complicated than just using the word, “Respect” alone.
The word, “Respect” can be very subjective depending on individuals how they take it or the way they interpret it.  And what maturity level of the individuals are at.

Nevertheless or regardless how hard or complicated it will be, we MUST try our very best by striving toward that goal of this “Old School’s Ideology.”
One method that my first Wing Chun Sifu taught me was to always stick with “Universal Law.” The Universal Law will always fit to everyone’s ideally of the word respect in most cases.  This method is called, “T-H-I-N-K.”
T – TRUE…?




K – KIND…?
No matter Where you are at on the face of the Earth or What kind of people that you are dealing with, if you use this method, you will be playing it safe.  And most likely, you will be minimizing the problems at hand.  This is the best method of getting back to harmony environment; however, sometimes, I believe “Fighting” can solve many unsolvable issues or problems just like in the old days.  But most people are so afraid including a few with our law enforcers that they need to use a gun.  Seriously…???
I always believe and I hope in the future with most of our congress’ help, they should strive to hire ONLY martial artists or most, in the law enforcement department, just like most Asian Countries. That will minimize lots of lawsuit cases from the public.
Any way, the point that I am trying to tie in the law enforcement case is that most of us, people that do NOT have enough martial arts experiences or do NOT have Martial Arts Etiquette, they will be afraid psychologically; therefore, they pull out a big gun and start shooting instead of bullets, through communication via verbally, written forms, social media or anything alike and worse yet, she or he will start grouping with other people.  These are not just bullets any more, now we’re talking bombs every where – This is what our Respectable United States Secretary of State, General Colin Powell called it, “The Weapon of Mass Destruction.” We are talking World War III now… LOL
In summary, martial arts is ALL about RESPECT and keeping things balance or harmony among individuals or group(s) – This is the Essence of Martial Arts and the goal that we, as a true martial artists, are all striving for.  When I use the word, “true,” and it’s true; there are fake and wanna be martial artists out there.  We can tell and smile right away without you know it.  Trust me on this on.  If we are NOT on this path, you are in it for a wrong reasons.  I would suggest that you take surfing or joining a hiking club or doing whatever the hell you want and STOP polluting the martial arts community, schools, group, or individuals.
However, I always believe if there’s a WILL, there’s ALWAYS a WAY – This is from Wing Chun’s Concepts and Principles, “The ONLY option that I have is to WIN; otherwise, there’s no Wing Chun there, need more practices and more more practices…   As my Sifu always says, “Wing Chun is to win; other you don’t know Wing Chun yet.”

If you’re new to martial arts world that have not gotten an understanding of “Martial Arts Etiquette” yet, you should use ‘T-H-I-N-K” method for the time being until you’ll get there.  And the last but not the least, “ALWAYS KEEP IT SIMPLE.”
Written by Sifu Clark Tang


Wong Long Wing Chun




Sifu Clark TANG

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