WING CHUN TEMPLE Wong Long Wing Chun Association was interviewed by our famous martial artist, Master Michele Manu AKA The Queen of Lua Warrior.  Master William Lo, Sifu Jennifer Niu, Claudia Lopez and Sifu Clark Tang were interviewed about our Wing Chun Kung Fu family within the Wong Long Wing Chun Association that what makes us unique from other Wing Chun Kung Fu.

As it was stated by Sifu Clark Tang that WING CHUN TEMPLE is NOT just another Wing Chun Kung Fu School nor just another martial arts schools that mostly focus very common self-defense, techniques or forms, WING CHUN TEMPLE is the ALL inclusive Martial Arts School that emphasizes and focuses on your HEALTH, WISDOM and SPIRITUALITY for in hope to achieving LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION, UNITY, and HARMONY, where we can unite the past WISDOM with the present APPLICATIONS in our daily life… 

寺春詠正朗黃真唐Sifu Clark TANG 唐真

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