What is the difference between Wing Chun Kung Fu verse the other Kung Fu styles or systems?

First of all, are Kung Fu the same?  Or is there such a style or a system of Kung Fu?

Let’s tackle Kung Fu topic first, Kung Fu is separating from other martial arts by comparing between Soft vs. Hard Martial Arts.  Kung Fu is falling into Soft Martial Arts categories.  

An example of soft vs hard martial arts would be Shaolin Kung Fu vs Tai Kwon Do.  Tai Kwon Do is using a raw power or energy that pratitioners are using behind each of the movements, which most of the time is using hard power by flexing muscles or tighting muscles with shouting a word, “Kia” for extra power.  The adventages of using of hard martial arts verse soft, it looks so powerful from the outside and also it may catch a lot of attention due to the noises that are making from the practitioners.  So hard martial arts styles may attract many young and macho indivduals; however, on the other hand, it is really not as powerful as it seems or as it sounds like actually, and it only causes external damages but you’ll survive.  

In contrary, Kung Fu is on the soft side of martial arts, but soft doesn’t mean it is soft and powerless; actually the soft martial arts styles or systems may kill the opponents if not practice properly by practitioners.  Soft styles of Kung Fu do much more damages than hard styles of martial arts.  

The disadvantages of soft styles or systems are taking a long time to master any style or style; therefore, lot of patience plus virtue involved.  It’s more unlikly people to drop out of studying the soft martial arts than the hard marial arts.  

But soft martial arts will last for a life time if one has enough patience and time to invest in it.  It’s hard and it may seem impraticle, but soft martial arts will go a long way more than you can imagine, especially Wing Chun Kung Fu system, which was created by a woman who is a nun from Southern Shaolin Temple about 300-400 years ago where the Qing Dynasty burned down the temple and killed almost all the monks and nuns.  

Wing Chun Kung Fu was formed using and disecting the Shaolin Kung Fu that transformed into Concepts and Principles instead of techniques and forms.  Wing Chun Kung Fu keeps Shaolin’s best Kung Fu and throw away its neccesity, which it has to follow the Principles and the Concepts of Affective, Effecient, Economical, and Direct with the Simplicity as its goal.

Women should be proud of themselves due to the fact that this is the ONLY martial arts that was created by a woman, and it’s the most power and the best martial arts system out there.  Wing Chun is practiced by many famous martial artists such as Bruce Lee, Ti Lung, Dan Inosanto, Robert Downey, Jr., Christian Bale, and many more…  

Find out more online about Wing Chun Kung Fu; it may save your insanity lifestyle and you will become a better YOU in many possibilities.  Go to Wikkipedia on Wing Chun topic or visit my website or email me if you have any question: http://WingChunTemple.org  or email me @ SifuClark@WingChunTemple.com

You only live once, let’s live it well 🙂

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