Martial Arts’ Ethics Standard

Martial Arts’ Ethics Standard of General Kwan

Martial Arts philosophy also embraces General Kwan’s philosophy – General Kwan’s central philosophy, beside bravery, righteous, protection, and so forth…; there is most important that we should know: it’s on “ETHICS.”

What does it mean to be ethical?
In our world, we usually operate and make decision on certain issues in life, and when it comes to individual, everyone is subjective. It would be easy if there are black and white on everything. But most of the time, we live in an imperfect world and most of the time, there are gray issues, which makes things very complicated. However, we look for guideline, and there is General Kwan’s philosophy which Gung Fu embraces his philosophy and wisdom – “Being True, Honor, and always do the Right thing no matter what the future may hold.” By keeping these guideline from General Kwan, we will surely in time, gain people’s ” Respect and Trust.” Therefore, as martial artists, we must embrace and honor these codes of ethics, and in time, we will be more powerful and great influence to others. There are no shortcut to this; except, Live and Die by codes of ethics. This is the Warriors’ Way…
-by Sifu Clark Tang

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