Welcome to WING CHUN TEMPLE Association

This website was created to connect and share information within our organization and other Wing Chun Families around the world regardless any lineage.  Our organization strongly believe that ALL Martial Arts practitioners are belong to ONE BIG family with the same SOURCE, The Universe!    Wing Chun Temple Association organization was formed on the foundation of LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION, UNITY, and HARMONY.


Our Grand Opening

The FIRST Headquarter of the West..... and many more to come..... Long Live Wing Chun Temple Association...!

The Hall of Fame

Our Sifu GM Wong Long Ching was nominated by the Martial Arts Communities of America and around the world for his faithful dedication to his Sifu, GM Ip Man and the art that he learned from his Sifu, Wing Chun Gung Fu.

From all of Wing Chun Temple Association, Wing Chun communities around the globe, and the Martial Arts communities around the globe want to congratulate Grandmaster Wong Long Ching for his recognition to The Hall of Fame.

Sifu GM Wong Long Ching's Introducing Himself to
The Martial Arts History Museum and to The Martial Arts communities

-Greetings to all my fellow martial artists sisters and brothers.

My name is Wong Long Ching, the FIRST generation of Sifu Ip Man
I’ve been living in Hong Kong most of my life, born and raised there.
I started studying Wing Chun with my Sifu Ip Man since I was 18.
And from there, I never stop loving and learning Wing Chun. Since my Sifu Ip Man passed away, I wanted to start a Wing Chun Organization, but back then, it was very political and many oppositions.
So I never thought about it. Until now, due to my students and disciples’ plead, I just started Wing Chun Temple Association.
As I can see that we’ve all come different martial arts styles, lineages and families, yet we are all here under ONE roof.
Nothing else is pleased to me to see all of you. As I have always learned from my Sifu Ip Man, martial arts is for Love, Unity, Peace and Harmony.
Last, I would like to thank:
-The Martial Arts History Museum for my recognition
-All my fellow martial arts sisters and brothers for being here today including my lovely wife, (Chan Ming, my true Wing Chun for life), my disciples, students and many others that I can’t mention all.
Thank you all
Love, Unity, Peace and Harmony
-Sifu GM Wong Long Ching

(Sifu GM Wong Long Ching was reading in Chinese language, and followed translated in English version read by Sifu Clark Tang)

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